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Client Experiences

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We're proud of the work we do, but don't take our word for it. Read these testimonials for their perspectives about their professional experiences with our owner and CEO, Jill Grodzicki.

Joseph A. 

"As my primary HR and Benefits administrator/consultant...Jill has become an extension of our management team and has provided me with access to a credible, professional and trustworthy resource for these critical business components." 

Lisa H.

"Jill is an exceptional partner...She has a superior ability to lean in, understand an organization's needs and effectively address them."

Shelby G.

"Our work together included completion of an HR audit, review and revision of an employee handbook, implementation of electronic modules and interfaces to an existing HRIS, a high volume of recruitment and completion of sensitive employee relations investigation. She did an amazing job in all of these areas."

Michael P.

"Jill was the employee contact from job req through to termination – the complete life cycle of an employee. She was the voice of the employee which is what we wanted as it fit our culture perfectly."

Natasha S.

"Open and honest communication [is] the center of building long-lasting and genuine connections and I am glad Jill taught me the art of this and that she embodies it because I would work [with] and recommend Jill over and over again!"

Jill B.

Jill "has extensive knowledge in benefits, employee relations, and policy creation. You will never want to stop having her support once she starts any project."

Tahana J. 

"Throughout the 3.5 years in which we worked side by side, Jill was a fountain of information, someone I was confident seeking guidance from, support on complex HR situations and partnering on major projects...."

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