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About Us

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Our story is the story of our owner and CEO, Jill Grodzicki. Not too many people are actually "called" to a profession. Maybe Jill discovered a love of all things people in her very first job as a camp counselor-in-training at age 16 when a game of tug-of-war was the start of Jill bringing people together for one mission.  Maybe her HR calling can be attributed to her active role in a nationally-award-winning service organization called Circle K. Maybe it's because she is an observer of people and someone who sees lessons from the behaviors of others. Perhaps it is her love of dogs whom she believes represent and inspire unconditional love and trust.

No matter the reason, Jill focused her entire career in many areas of the HR discipline, gaining knowledge and honing her expertise across HR functions and industries. Jill started her HR career as a Human Resource Generalist for several bank branches and then as an HR Generalist/HRIS for a national home improvement retail chain. Jill credits her next HR position as Benefits Director at Tommy Hilfiger, Inc. as

the one event that had the biggest impact on her career because it "launched my love of benefits along with my passion for HR systems."


Jill's guiding philosophy as a person and as a professional HR Consultant is two-fold:

  1. To operate with integrity, perform with empathy, and be one's authentic self.

  2. To create or assist in creating an environment based on trust to inspire a safe workplace where people can explore, be nurtured, contribute, and grow.

You will see this philosophy manifest in our guiding principles: Our mission, vision, and values.


To deliver HR services with professionalism, passion, and authenticity


We believe that building a culture of trust enables employees to be their best selves to help your business succeed


  • Integrity

  • Excellence

  • Resourcefulness

  • Inclusivity and Authenticity

  • Collaboration

  • Enthusiasm

What We Believe

We know that one of the essential factors for you to successfully meet your goals is your people. Finding the right balance of motivating and retaining employees vs. meeting your financial goals is key. To do this, we rely heavily on the values below to guide us. 

"They build a defineable path for the future."


Count on us to do the right thing. All of our tasks, decisions, and documentation meet all ethical and moral standards and adhere to your business standards. 


We strive for excellence in everything we do.  We know you expect this of us, and so do we. 


We seek and create understanding and "clever" HR solutions for your business.

Inclusivity and Authenticity

What you see is what you get with Clever HR Solutions. We are direct and straightforward. We model and foster authenticity to help create and maintain inclusive cultures.


We thrive in collaborative environments, for it is under these conditions that the best solutions are discovered.


To say that our CEO and owner, Jill Grodzicki is passionate about providing clever HR solutions for her clients is an understatement. "Always a delight to work with!" says one co-worker about Jill.

Client Experience


"Jill is an exceptional partner...She has a superior ability to lean in, understand an organization's needs and effectively address them."

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